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The Superlative Affairs of the Abu Dhabi

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Aside from being counted amongst the world’s most expensive cities to live in, Abu Dhabi is the strong contender for being throne as the Most Bling City of the World.  Orchestrated with enigmatic white domed mosques, sky-kissing minarets and elegant melancholies of desert stretches, it is a dive into Arabian culture from camel racing at daybreak to ochre red sand dunes at sunset. But alongside this typical vibe of gulf, expands the superlative affairs of the Capital’s futuristic side, give a whole new definition to the world sublime. 

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Blending bold with the beautiful and Priciest with the prettiest, Abu Dhabi is synonymous to some of the World’s most thrilling new adventures.  Don’t get disheartened if your pocket size doesn’t matches those of the loaded Sheikh’s, here is one of the city’s most immaculate spot to dive into opulence, at least for a day.  

The world’s most expensive hotel

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Enamoring, entrancing and exalted to the extent that the cakes served at Emirates Palace are iced with gold. A melting point of  heavenly castle of Sleeping Beauty and hidden Cave of Aladdin, the city’s self designated 7 star hotel was the costliest hotel of World at the time of its inception, US$3 billion to be specific. Unabashedly grandiose, it reflects the royal extravagance that the world would expect out of Arab: where else the hotel would gain more cult following?

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Meander past the fountains, manicured gardens, and follow any of the gold shrouded corridors to a sight of enormous chandeliers, ballrooms and sumptuous restaurants and sensuous drinking saloons, luckily open to non-guest as well. For those who wish to make a whole in their pocket, the Palace also puts on the table, tailored holiday deals of around 1 million dollars. 

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If the flamboyance is too much, wear your sun glasses and beat the bewildering stretches of golden sands just strides away from the hotel, and savor the hotel’s specialty edible gold stacked desserts and cakes. Come during Christmas time, and you will be startled to see the world’s most ostentatious and adorned Christmas tree.   

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