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Submit to the Spell of the Magic Trails of the New Zealand

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New Zealand is incredibly popular for its Great Walking tours and numerous splendid hiking trails, and rightly so, but you don’t need to always pack your bags and other essentials. Just a water bottle, a pair of sunglasses, and a pair of sports shoes would do the job. The wildernesses canvassed onto the multi-day hiking tours can be experienced in a single day, which means less gears and more enjoyment.

Twilight–Te Werahi Loop

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This five to six hour long trek is an amazing window to the nature’s art exhibition of the far flung north. It features scintillating seas, sweeping sands, imposing forelands with varying light. The track is flat for the most of the part and surprisingly swift, as it roams around the elegant beaches and coastal woods. Mix up your trek with a pilgrimage to wind- struck Cape Reinga, where the gushing waters of the Tasman Sea and Pacific unite, and Maori spirits are believed to find peace in the afterlife. 

Rangitoto Island Loop

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Auckland’s biggest volcanic cone was formed just 600 years ago as a result of series of catastrophic lava eruptions. It’s a beautiful island and a profound city symbol, reached via a short boat ride from downtown Auckland. Ascend to the decent summit just 250 meter for panoramic views of the city, before hiking along the coast where plants battle to overcome the eerie lava fields. 

Coromandel Walkway

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The isolated and rocky corner of the Coromandel Peninsula is worth all the pain which is taken to reach it, especially if you cherish its ecstatic scenery on the Coromandel Walkway. The 10 km long trails takes 3-4 hours to run through, with mesmerizing views of the icy Sugar Loaf and the Great Barrier Island.  You can also go for shuttle transport here. 

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