Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Enigmatic Eastern Tibet

Wanna go inside the boundaries of soul, flairs of past life, and affairs of psychic grooves, then you do not have to meditate for long hours sitting in seclusion, just visit the holy Tibet to improve your wisdom. You will not only touch the excellence of self exploration, but also the fences of northeast Himalayas. It is the cultural homeland of the Tibetan people and other ethnic groups, who welcomes their guests with warm regards.

If you have finally decided to transform your life in a natural manner rather than synthetic way, then discovering the zen rules here in Tibet is one of the finest options to consider. Here are the five reasons to resort to Tibet:

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Fascinating track

Of course, the dominant religion, region, nature, flora, and fauna of Tibet will attract you and you will ignore all the hindrances that roll toward you.  The track is quite tricky and asks for experience and expertise in driving. Only expert drivers can handle the enigmatic situations of landslide and mud slide along the roads. The bumpy ride will give you jerks and fascinate you to reach your final destination.

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Amazing landscapes

You will be dragged towards lush green high lands, dripping-wet forests, powerful rivers and elevated gorges. As you grow towards the highlands, you will discover the absolute natural vistas that make it the ultimate option to explore. The natural opulence is so widespread that you cannot resist feeling it.

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Finest Guesthouses

You can grab the opportunity to take rest in the finest organised mountain accommodations while feeling the vibrancy of nature in the form of rivers, winds, and canyons. You will be absorbed in the snow-capped mountain views from the edge of your windows.

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Draksum-tso Camping

Draksum-tso is the finest, picturesque, eye-pleasing and heart-wrenching place that could take you miles away from the crowd. It is the most exotic place for camping. Travellers always spot the best place around the lake to have life size experience with their family and friends. It is famous for lush green grounds that foster fun, frolic and excitement.  The wet and cosy climatic conditions will pamper your inner spirit and enlighten you up in its own way.

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Tashigang Village

The village offers an endless selection of walks to its guests. The puffy wind and lush green vegetation will sit on your mind to give you immense pleasure that cannot be easily avoided. You can taste the local food and enjoy the local music here with the folks. The tranquil surrounding will rejuvenate your travelling experience and ask you to savour the ever green landscapes.

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