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Cherish the Ecstatic Kuala Lumpur without making a Hole in your Pocket

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Walk through the Heart of the City

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Wear your comfortable pair of shoes and enjoy Kuala Lumpur's iconic sights by walking. Remarkable trails include heart of the capital, Merdeka Square; Kampung Baru an emerald green old settlement inside the borders of the metropolitan region; and Brickfields, KL's clamoring and vivacious Indian locale. You can take strolling visits which are absolutely free to these brilliant parts of the city, however remember to tip your guide as a part of a custom.

Sky-Kissing Monuments and Green Enclosures Living in Perfect Harmony 

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KL Forest Eco Park which is prominently known as Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve is really a cluster of numerous rainforests with their indigenous qualities. The area of this park is really eccentric, it lies next to the foot Menara KL tower. This 9 hectares dream area is best explored by walking on the trails which swoosh past the thick woodlands, and 200m-high canopy walk is the most ideal approach to get thrilled by the natural magnificence of the area.

Another immaculate spot is Lake Perdana at Perdana Botanical Garden. The man-made lake in the middle of the 92-hectare Botanical garden is the best place to unwind and resuscitate oneself up. The tropical and therapeutic plants flourish in the green landscapes neighboring the serene lake.

Getting a Spiritual in KL’s Iconic Places of Worship

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Masjid Jamek is an erotically striking mosque; it is loved for its remarkable Indo-Saracenic design highlights. Flanked by palm trees, it's a notable landmark of the KL. This mosque is the profound home to majority of local people (around half of them being Muslims). Keep in mind to dress modestly and put off your shoes outside the premises. 

The sanctuaries of KL's Chinatown have got a completely different vibe contrasted with those of the Penang's, they are all the more dynamically shaded and are all the more interesting. There's Guandi, generally packed red-shaded sanctuary of the Taoist God of war; Guan Yin, a beautiful mix of baroque and Oriental motivations, and Chan She Shu Yuen, where eventful Chinese mythology has been etched on to the walls.

Getting Inspired by the Malaysian Architecture

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Merdeka Square is encompassed by fabulous colonial structures which prompts us about Malaysia’s glorified past. The stunning Sultan Abdul Samad Building is the most noticeable in the square, and exemplifies British architectural planning with its curved entryways and coned turrets. The 100m-high flag where the first Malay flag was hosted up in 1885 to mark the independence is here.

For reliving the colonial days, visit the central station of the national heritage society. Here you will discover homes from early 1900s. These cabins with their wooden shades and teak dividers produce other-worldly contrast to nearby ultra-modern high-rises.

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